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August 05, 2010


true religion outlet

He was the son of a wealthy Catholic businessman, more cosmopolitan and intellectual than the crusty old WASP Bonesman conservatism that he seem to affect. Though, in truth, I think the Buckley style was just an invention of his own, analogous to the partly fictional Old North Country aristocratic Catholic style that Evelyn Waugh invented and affected in Brideshead aafd Revisited. This is the style of a conscious traditionalism and it is has long been a part of anything you could call conservatism in this country and personally I think a very valuable part.


YAY! How did I miss this!? HUGE. 72 pt HUGE. go mighty girl.


This is HUGE, great, wonderful and much deserved! Congrats on this awesome step in your journey!


This post is SO inspiring. There is so much humility & clarity & power in this post. You are a poster child of what can be done and acheived if you do your work with great love, passion & determination. POWER TO YOU!!!! YEEE!!! :)

Ginger Hendler

You are clearly an inspiration to many. Your friends, family, followers all wish you the best. It goes without saying that none of this happens overnight and you have made that very clear that you take nothing for granted. Now the best work begins. Congratulations!


Thank you for the grace and honesty, and mindfulness, with which you walk this path. It is always an inspiration.

And - of course - YAY!!!!


wowzers! congratulations, christine! i am so happy to have found you and your beautiful site, and i can't wait to read your updates as you go on your book writing journey. xo emily

wishful nals

sooo wonderful! congratulations :)

jen gray

so excited! (doing a kick line!) happy happy happy for you and happy for us cuz we get to have more of your magic!!!xo

jan avellana

...there are so many like me, lurking, reading, being inspired to take tentative steps of our own because of your example...may you experience peace and joy in this new adventure! :)


OMFG This is so tremendously exciting! Weeeeeee!!!! Girl, you so deserve this opportunity and have such wisdom and beauty to share. I am so thrilled for you.
xoxoxo love you


Congratulations, my friend! This is wonderful news, and I can't wait to watch your journey toward this new gift unfold. You bring beautiful gifts into the world.


that is HUGE

(and, like, totally awesome)


Christine! Congratulations and thank you for sharing the process and thoughts behind the experience of getting your book published. It is an extraordinary experience to be published I am sure and one that doesn't come easy. Good for you!!!!!!


You are . . . well, of course, so many things, but just to keep it real and natural, a trail buster of magnificent glorious "rockin" proportions... I high 5 your wonderfulness, and do a little happy dance to the beauty of your big dreams... xo

Nita Davanzo



Congratulations! Can't wait to see it. What is it about I wonder?


Absolutely Fantastic, my friend! so very happiest for you!


congratulations. hip hip hooray!



oh bunny bunny! what a joyful project and to have such clarity and consciousness about the whole experience so you can feel and be IN it so fully-- well, friend-- that is HUGE.

so so so happy for you<---!


You deserve HUGE and beyond.
So excited for you! xo


HUGE HUGE congrats!!! Enjoy the journey :)

Anna-Marie Still

thank you for your raw sharing of how this came about...I can relate (I've been through one submission, got alot of GREAT feedback, and now I'm just sitting on it, letting my ideas of another proposal simmer on the back burner for now)...and I appreciate your honesty and can't wait to hear how the journey continues for you, and to celebrate the final piece when it is done!

Karen Maezen Miller

I am happy for you as you explore the dimensions of big and little, before and after. I am happy not because of what anything means, hither or yon, but because your happiness is infectious!


CONGRATULATIONS - happy, happy, happy dance on your behalf.
And now to the important question - how many to a case???
Happy Holidays to all my girlfriends and Happy Birthday and Happy no other reason than the book rocks and Happy Solstice and Happy You Can Have a Better Life Day and well, you get the idea...I'm going to need a bunch or two

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