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August 03, 2010



I have never visited you, but I know about your travels with Gillian and Tara. I am hoping to do the same next March. I love your thoughts. It is interesting how we are drawn to check in with "friends" on the internet. I think for me I am less lonely when I know there are kindred spirits out there. I can share in their joys and their sorrows. Thanks so much.

Molly O'Neill

Couldn't agree more with this last line! I'm a new reader who stumbled across your blog today, and am glad for it. I'll be back.


Oh yeees! You are absolutely right! I understand when you write of weeping when seeing the beauty of this world and our limited time within it. We can be in love with this life and this world.


and it really, truly is just that simple! trust me!

Dana Sparkle

reading a post like this, over coffee in the morning, affirms the light of life. it sure beats the newspaper. ahh the questions open us up tho the magical experiences of our days...thank God for laundry...


Me, too. :)


thank you


Savor it ALL...that's why we're here!


this is beautiful and I totally agree. I worked for a while in a Care Home and realised that life is very short and very precious, and what we choose to do with it counts every little bit! It was that that made me decide that it's now or never to do what I really wish and now I'm going for it, and like you say, it all makes sense in a serendipitious way.

Thanks for the reminder.



I loved all of what you wrote.
Each word! Such truth in here.
Lately I feel the same way, that we are all here as bursts of light for a brief time!

I just lovingly let someone GO that I was connected with for a few years, an internet friend who stopped communicating out of the blue one day.

I believe we all blog for validation, write, do art, and love for validation. It is our nature, and for that we cannot be faulted. It is those of us who are aware of it that are the most FREE~~~

The ones in denial create chaos and unhappiness in their lives for themselves and others...sadly so. But that is the hurt we must accept as part of the package, as you say. Life is contrasts, isn't it?

And love is light. That is all ~we~ are.

Let's order the boots!~!! xoxoxo !~LOL

Come visit me soon!


beautiful.. especially your last line.. exactly what i needed to read this morning.


yes x0


Thanks for this Christine! I mentioned it on my new blog. I have moments like this too, they are so fleeting but so amazing at the same time. They always leave me feeling grateful. Thank you for sharing!


"I'll take every bit of this crazy world that I can get, even the parts that hurt." - YES! I want all of it...every last drop. xo

Tara Bradford

The older I get, the more I am aware of life's impermanence. And communication and connection helps us make the most of our brief and "bright burst of light." Thanks for this. xo


Delicious. I was reading you and suddenly you were writing of what I was doing in that precise moment.

'What is it that pulls us towards one another across the invisible threads of the internet? Why do we take the time to check in with one another, read about each others' days, travels, thoughts, struggles, simple pleasures and most profound questions?

I'm re-reading (immediately on finishing it the first time) 'When Nietzsche Wept' and he had just said something so very similar to what you had written on 'seeing'.

A timely post, missy. Thanks for taking the time to write while waiting on your laundry. Much appreciated. xo


I don't want to miss a thing.


here's to passing open windows!

liz elayne

(thank you)

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