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August 31, 2010



i could never be without a dog in my life.

Tara Bradford

Aw, what a face! And you're right, she won't be a puppy for long. So glad you're enjoying your time w/ her, despite the training challenges! I've been walking away from the computer more and more - so many challenges of my own, with lots of travel and of course moving to another country - and it does make a difference, I think...just to be still and think, w/o distraction. xo

Katie Camarro

Sending big hugs and pats from the Jeff and Katie and the Timber Springs Farm dogs..Jane, Brady and Sundae. Hooray Tilda.... enjoy every minute Swirly girl they grow sooo fast....Brady and Jane just turned 16! Tilda...we love chocolate dogs xxoxoxox Miss you madly Swirly girl xoxox Katie


Take pleasure in the Puppy Breathe. You will grow to miss it.


that tilda is just precious...i enjoy hearing that you are enjoying her! ;)


happy to know i'm not the only faced with this time of transition. just sent my little one off on a new journey of her own...kindergarten...and now little brother and i are discovering a new world together with a feeling of loss and lonliness coupled with the anticipation of a new day. here's to change :)


I do so love that little one!

doorways traveler

beautiful. and i love imagining you in that room. the one with blue where i felt so safe.
love you and look forward to seeing you soon by a lake.


funny. we both have transitions on our blogs :) we are in the same place miles and world apart. I love that. and yes, this time is so special and fleeting, when they're little. even though at times the moments feel a bit like forever. hugs to you and your tiny furry ball of love.

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